Photo by Mats Bäcker

..., scenes that the soprano Julia Sporsén in the role of Kumudha does with a lovely feeling and a burning accuracy.

Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter | Kumudha (A Flowering Tree) GöteborgsOperan

Julia Sporsén acts completely convincingly, both in the subtle differences of her transformations and in her terror when she finds herself stuck in a mutilated form, without limbs. Her soaring lyrical soprano expresses all of this beautifully.

Niklas Smith, Seen and Heard International | Kumudha (A Flowering Tree) GöteborgsOperan

The soprano Julia Sporsén as Kumudha fills the Gothenburg Opera with sonorous power and intensity in the interpretation of the highly dramatic music. Her phenomenal strength makes the scenes particularly sad in the second act where she is affected by doubt and later on faces dire adversity.

Peter Bohlin, Dansportalen | Kumudha (A Flowering Tree) GöteborgsOperan

Kumudha, a role that Julia Sporsén portrays with vocal and nuanced adherence through the various stages of her experience, physically as well as spiritually.

Britt Nordlund, | Kumudha (A Flowering Tree) GöteborgsOperan

Above all, I'm impressed by Julia Sporséns and Omar Ebrahims ability to let the long melody lines create an impressionistic hovering, a prolonged and elevated feeling of the now that blurs the time sequences and makes the music fascinatingly standstill.

Magnus Haglund, Göteborgs-Posten | Kumudha (A Flowering Tree) GöteborgsOperan