Photos by Markus Gårder

Once every ten years, it happens on an opera stage (..) I mean a completely new opera singer come forward with exactly everything it takes for the plot and story to take shape around her person and come out of her voice. So it is with soprano Julia Sporsén. (..)Tension swarm around her as around the queen bee (..) Her voice contains the expanding human being she represents.

Gunilla Brodrej, Expressen | Violetta (La Traviata) Folkoperan

Julia Sporsén is simply outstanding in the title role (..) she gives the show a range of credible, touching moments, especially in the last act.

Bo Löfvendahl, SvDl | Violetta (La Traviata) Folkoperan

Here (Act 1 aria) Julia Sporséns Violetta unfolds the whole of her vocal virtuosity, often in an uncomfortable lying position. Super secure, passionate (..) She delivers her great final scene with impressive intensity.

Camilla Lundberg, DN | Violetta (La Traviata) Folkoperan